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The Film


Luccica is the story of a ghostly apparition taking revenge on an innocent couple for her unfortunate life, untimely death, and unending purgatory. As a result, a recently widowed husband seeks to rebuild from the embers of his grief by physically remodeling the home he chose with his wife, while the apparition hungers for a more complete visage. Ultimately, then, despite their innately antagonistic relationship, both husband Tom and apparition Mimi share the same goal: rebirth from the ashes of tragedy. 

This dual search for catharsis comes to an emotional climax too grand for simple conversation to express, leading to the choice of genre: opera. To me, opera is the purest form of expression, allowing English speaking-audiences to step back from their conscious existence, and to take in the story from a more instinctive, emotional place free from the limitations of verbal language. 

Directors Ingmar Bergman, Bob Fosse, Robert Dornhelm, Ari Aster, and Julie Taymor inspired the visual language, and composers Puccini, Mozart, Bizet, and Gounod influenced the operatic style. The story of Luccica is brought to life by an incredible cast of actors, supported in their efforts by a crew of consummate professionals behind the camera, costumes, light, and sounds.