Our careers are based on networking and interacting with other filmmakers. Unfortanately Covid 19 has made that almost impossible. The Detroit Filmmaker awards wanted to create something to keep our film community motivated and keep the spirit of networking and interacting alive. We must continue to entertain. 


The "Quarantine Series" is a series of short stories made by you. This series is a fun and creative way for us filmmakers to still practice our craft while quarantined. All you need to participate is a phone or camera to record you acting out your character in the script. There will be easy to follow instructions on how to shoot it from your Director of photography Darren Brown. Each script will be a 1 room, 1 scene short story. The scripts will  give actors an opportunity to exercise range and give their interpretation of how they developed the characters for these scripts. When done you will send your scene to be edited and presented by “The Quarantine Series”.


To sign up go to the contact page and leave your information. Let us know if you are interested in acting or writing and we will contact you shortly.