About Us

The Detroit Filmmaker Awards is an organization that celebrates the achievement of independent filmmakers in the Midwest. Based in Detroit, MI, DFA also offers support to burgeoning filmmakers through the facilitation of peer collaboration through professional development workshops. The DFA founder and veteran film director, Darren Brown and selected industry professionals for these developmental workshops. Through the Detroit Filmmaker Awards ceremony and other special programming throughout the year, DFA is creating a buzzing community of urban and inventive storytellers eager to break ground in film. 

The Vision

Detroit is a world-class city that has earned its’ reputation for producing era-defining innovation from Henry Ford’s automobile to Berry Gordy’s Motown. Our contribution to independent film and major motion pictures over the years has been equally impressive. Detroit employs tens of thousands of actors, voice actors, and production crews to entertain the masses of the Motor City and abroad. DFA is working toward a future that reflects the rich diversity, transformation, and historic preservation that comes from using cinema as a tool for cultural education and exchange. 

The Award 

With its’ flickering flame, the trophy awarded to DFA honorees seeks to live up to its’ classic design as a beacon of light for all who choose to pursue a career in filmmaking as a well as a call to action for members of the film industry to mindfully engage in the work of passing the torch from one generation of filmmakers to the next. The DFA prides itself on a fee-free open call submission model that distributes films to a peer-reviewed panel for voting and is at every turn a representation of the collective efforts of independent cinema in Detroit.

The Filmmakers

The Detroit Filmmaker Awards is a cinematic organization founded by Darren L. Brown to celebrate independent film. The award ceremony honors remarkable industry professionals and personalities across the disciplines of short film, feature film, and digital series. The DFA ceremony brings a moment of reflection to those who are committed to challenging representation in film and the film industry.