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About Us

Welcome to the 4th Annual Detroit Filmmaker Awards, an event that celebrates and recognizes the diversity and talent of independent filmmakers in our community. We are proud to showcase the unique stories and perspectives that Detroit has to offer, and to be a part of the growing independent film community in our city. The event is a celebration of the hard work and creativity of our local filmmakers, and we are thrilled to be able to provide them with a platform to showcase their talents.

The independent film community in Detroit has seen significant growth in recent years, and we are proud to be a part of that growth.

According to Darren Brown, the founder of the Detroit Filmmaker Awards, "We are working toward a future that reflects the rich diversity, transformation, and historic preservation that comes from using cinema as a tool for narrative and documentation for cultural exchange."


We invite you to join us for the Detroit Filmmaker Awards and to be a part of this exciting celebration of diversity in filmmaking. We are confident that you will be inspired and moved by the stories and perspectives that our local filmmakers have to share

The Vision

"Our vision at the Detroit Filmmaker Awards is to establish Detroit as a leading destination for independent filmmaking on the world stage. Building on the city's reputation for producing era-defining innovation, from Henry Ford's automobile to Berry Gordy's Motown, we strive to foster a community of diverse and talented filmmakers. Our goal is to use cinema as a tool for narrative, cultural exchange, and preservation of Detroit's unique stories and perspectives. We aim to showcase Detroit's impressive contributions to independent film and major motion pictures and establish the city as a premier destination for independent filmmakers from all over the world. Join us in promoting and celebrating the diverse voices of Detroit's independent film community."

The Award 

The Detroit Filmmaker Awards trophy is a symbol of excellence and recognition for independent filmmakers in the Detroit community, representing the hard work, dedication, and creativity of local filmmakers and their contributions to the city's film industry. Winning the award is an honor and a recognition of outstanding achievement, serving as inspiration for filmmakers to continue producing high-quality work and shining a spotlight on the talent and diversity of the independent film community in Detroit. The trophy also serves as a tangible representation of the growth and success of the independent film community in Detroit, and a valuable addition to the winning filmmaker's portfolio, opening doors to new opportunities and collaborations.


The Filmmakers

The Detroit Filmmaker Awards is a cinematic organization founded by Darren L. Brown to celebrate independent film. The award ceremony honors remarkable industry professionals and personalities across the disciplines of short film, feature film, and digital series. The DFA ceremony brings a moment of reflection to those who are committed to challenging representation in film and the film industry. 

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