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Dikea Santiago

Brand Ambassador

Sareta Cheathem

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Will Bennett

Darren Brown

Brian Major

Mula Films

Shanthi Senthe

Dennis Reed

Event Coordinator
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The Committee

The Detroit Filmmaker Awards committee will select the nominees.

Peer groups will review the nominee and select the winners for each category.  DFA peer groups are comprised of professionals in their respective art forms from around the country that will privately review and score the films.

Each film selected will be judged by industry standards, expectations, and execution of the art. All disciplines can be reviewed on the categories page. 

Committee members will be announced momentarily

Committee Members

Viewing Commitee Branch

Cinematography Branch

Roe Dayzon
Errikka Yvonne
Justin Ivory
Charles Kennedy
Zachary Cunningham
Kellen Lee
Prince Mincey
Ciarah Mosley
David King
Mizzion Smith
Jeremy Brockman

Writers Branch

Jay Skillz
Don Snipes
Renika Mcqueen
Melissa Talbot
Ronnie Kirk
Travis Grant
Robert Henderson
Dorothy Redmond
David King
Ken Alter
Kaiti Wallen

Editors branch

Don Bolton
Charles Spence
Ken Baker
Louis Ke

Directors Branch

Timashion Jones
Dennis Reid
Thomas L. Harris
Paris Jones
Darren Clark

Acting Branch

Tristin Fazekas
Deborah Spencer
Brian Taylor
Ciera Angelia
Dez Cortez
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