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To be considered: 


•Feature films must be 60+ mins in length.

•Short films must be under 30 mins.

•Web series must be 4+ episodes to be considered .

•Submissions must be made by the production company and or and or director of project. 2 films per production company. 1 film per director. 

•Film must be completed before Feb 1, 2023 and after March 1, 2022.  

•Submissions must be Submitted via Film Freeway. 

 The peer review group has the right to approve or deny deadline extension for any submission.

•Budget must be $100,000 or less for a film to qualify.

Detroit Filmmaker Awards committee will select the nominees. Peer review groups will select winners in each category. 


Peer review groups are comprised of professionals in their respective art forms from around the country who will privately review and score films.

Nomination announcements will take place May 2023 .  

Only 1 award will be presented to the winning film/program. Additional awards can be requested at the cost to the winning film/program. Statues can duplicated with no additional information or changes to existing information. These statues will only be duplicated for production categories.


Submit Here
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